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Re-App for Portalzz

Post by Portalz » Mon Sep 28, 2009 8:36 pm

Hey all,
1st off, let me apologize for yesterdays post. I did not know the app process was a democratic one. I thought I was just app'ing to my old friend Zahasha, and I did not mean any disrespect towards Walkers in any way. I had Za delete it to repost. Having sad that, Hello all. Some of you know me from my past days in EQ, some do not, and some I have already met from the guild who have been a GREAT help to me having to start all over from the bottom as sony flat out won't allow a restart of old accounts w/o the old cc data used back 5 years ago. Chief among them have been Issabao and her fine hubby Etofso, Rabi, Rotwere, and of course, last but not least, Za and Macdaddy :)
It is because of these good people that I wish to apply for membership to what I remembered to be an outstanding group of people then, and, who have proven that they are still today.
I have played the "raid 5 days a week mandatory god zone have no life WHATSOEVER" endgame, and have no need to return to that. Za and Mac helped me thru some bad times in the past, even if I didn't show my appreciation as much as I should have back then, so I couldn't think of a better place to call home than here. If you'll have me. Thx, Portz
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