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EQ Starter Guide

Post by Zahasha » Thu Mar 15, 2012 6:39 pm

copy /pasted from http://www.ectmmo.com/2012/03/everquest ... guide.html
EverQuest F2P- Returning / Starter Guide

This week EverQuest is going free to play and I thought I'd give some tips for new or returning players. I'll link some resources at the end of the post and throughout as well. Jumping back in is easier than ever but if you're new or you've been gone for several years it might be a bit much figuring things out. So, I'll try to touch on some helpful topics that I think might be of use. Something to note- All accounts will be unlocked up to House of Thule expansion, which is the second to last expansion (you won't be so far behind in expansions and unable to obtain a merc if you're returning or starting fresh).

This information is all easy to find on the web but I do see lots of players asking about these questions time and time again, so I thought I'd compile some basic starting/returning knowledge. I know I'll miss some key elements but I'll add more as I think of things, it took many hours to compile everything thus far.*Takes a deep breath* Let's begin!

Were to begin your adventure?
There are quests in EQ, tasks, hotzones, missions and LDoNs. You just have to hunt for some of these. If you've never played EQ, let me say leveling is heavily based off of grinding mobs. The game started out, and still can be, more of a group oriented type of MMORPG. You can solo now, easier than ever, especially with the help of mercs, better armor and so on, we'll touch on those topics in a bit.

If you're completely new you'll want to pick a server. If you're returning your server has been merged with others, in the past. Here is the current list as of 3/16/12:

Antonius Bayle - merged with Kane Bayle (EU SERVER).
Bertoxxulous - merged with Tholuxe Paells, Saryrn and Mithaniel Marr.
Bristlebane - merged with Solusek Ro,The Tribunal and Ayonae Ro.
Cazic Thule - merged with Brell Serilis, Fennin Ro and Torvonnilous.
Drinal - merged with Tarew Marr, Maelin Starpyre and Vazaelle.
Erollisi Marr - merged with Morell-Thule, The Nameless, Stormhammer and Innoruuk.
Luclin - merged with Stromm and Veeshan.
Povar - merged with Morden Rasp, Quellious and Rodcet Nife.
The Rathe - merged with Karana, Prexus and Terris-Thule.
Tunare - merged with E'ci, The Seventh Hammer, Mayong and Lanys T'Vyl.
Xegony - merged with Zebuxoruk, Druzzil Ro, Xev, The Combine and The Sleeper.
Zek - Rallos, Tallon, Sullon and Vallon (PVP- Bonus XP Modifier).
Firiona Vie (RP- Bonus XP Modifier).
TLP Vulak'Aerr- NOT FREE.
Vox- NEW SERVER- Normal Ruleset- Releasing in the event of the F2P conversion and anniversary.
TEST server (Bonuses include /testbuff Levels character to 25 with full armor, all expansions enabled here, double xp, all veteran rewards) Small community and not F2P- as far as I know.
Al'Kabor (EQMAC/Server-Separate Client) Website here (FREE TO PLAY no cash shop)

You might have characters you want to play or you might be starting fresh, so take a look at the list to help you decide what you want. There is a new server going up, everyone will be on a level playing field. But it is also something to consider that playing on an older server you also have established players to help and guide you. You might be on level grind now but that will change as the Vox server ages and it will be just like any other server. Something to consider.

The two time locked progression servers are not free to play, you will need to have a gold subscription in order to play on these. As of 3/13/12 LDoN just unlocked on Fippy, so that gives you an idea of where they are in terms of expansions.

Firiona Vie and Zek both offer free transfers TO these servers, you cannot transfer off though. The bonus is the nice xp modifiers which were added to entice people to play on these. You will want to work up Elvish language, which can be easily done in less than ten minutes with a merc and macro, that is what is generally used to speak in OOC, groups, guild and all that.

I'd like to extend the offer for anyone returning to join Dire and I on Firiona Vie, our guild is 'Stellar'. We're a small family type guild that is casual and laid back. I'll be logging in on a more constant basis when this goes live. We have a guild hall which I pay up far, far, far in advance so it is always active (think we're up to 52 weeks currently because I get forgetful, lol). We have our own guild hall and neighborhood which guildies are welcome to pick out plots wherever they want, I think we have one plot used atm. Guild bank, I try to keep spells handy and armor, all is up for grabs if you need it.

If you're starting out I'll set you up with a house, plot and get you started. Just a little helping hand for anyone who wants to join us there. Depending on your subscription model, it depends on how much money I can hand over for a plot but we can figure this out according to level. I'll even see if we can dig up some defiant gear and a few plat to start you off with! I can be found as Bunny, in-game or drop me a line. We've played the game for twelve years so we do have a decent knowledge of the game for anyone who needs help getting started or getting back into the swing of things. So, returning or starting new, you'll have the option to play on FV either way. Don't be shy.

Starting Areas?
You can start in the tutorial area (there is even a merc there so you don't have to run far as well as cresent reach) which is a good place to start. You can also leave and return (use the login screen to return, exit the cave in the first room to leave) until level ten. You hail the NPC's for quests and respond to the [text] in brackets. You will find less and less of these as you go through norrath but leveling is so much faster than ever. This area is good, can be solo or molo'd (merc+solo= molo).

Cresent Reach is decent too, it is currently a hotzone so you'll want to head there (where the tutorial dumps you out) when you leave. There are quests, you just have to wander the city a bit looking for the NPC's that offer them (text over their heads). You can use this as a starter zone as well, some people do, it's a little less linear than the tutorial.

Old starting cities. These are not for the feint of heart but they are still viable. There are a few quests but these are more for someone who wants a run down memory lane. It's all in preference though, where you level, that is the beauty of EverQuest. Some of the starter cities can be a bit confusing though, they do have some great lore and there are so many wonderful cities in this game!

What class or race?
You'll have to decide that. Zam has a great list here for classes with descriptions. You can check out the race list here, there are different bonuses to each race. In the end it really comes down to what race YOU want to be. Another great class list can be found on the forums here.

Gate- This is like a recall or hearth, all casters get it around level five or so. For melee origin is now granted to all players at level 5, this was changed to a free AA recently, it has an eighteen minute cool down and can be hot-keyed from the AA window (V- Key).

Alternate ways to travel [home] are the OT hammer, gate potions (made by shaman and can be bought in the baz), claim item- Scepter of Draconic Calling. These are the easiest to get. Origin, the hammer and scepter do not gate you, they send you to your home city. If you choose the tutorial it will be Crescent Reach.

Druids and Wizards can port and translocate players. The magus in the guild lobby can port to certain places (LDoN camps), guild halls have teleporters that sells stones (simply buy one, hand it to the vendor you bought it from and step on the pad), and plane of knowledge has many stones to travel by, just click to travel. There are also pads in the nexus to travel with as well.

Bards have the fastest run speed still, rogues get a boost with aa as well as monks with runspeed eight. Shamans, druids, rangers and beastlords can buff runspeed. There are also jboots and tboots. But with AA runspeed enhancements (up to RS5 now) you don't really need those ol' boots, they are more so twink items I'd suppose more than anything else.

All accounts get /claim mounts, some faster than others. There are a few drops in older zones as well as anniversary mounts, LoN mounts, cash shop mounts and those you can buy in-game for plat. The Paladin and Shadowknight classes also get alternate advancement mounts, these are very fast mounts.

Mana/Health Regen aka MEDDING (OOC Regen)
Sitting regens mana and health, as well as endurance. Simply sit and you will regen at a faster rate. OR if you are on a mount stay still and this counts as well. Within three minutes of being out of combat for 30 seconds it starts and speeds up returning you to full.

There are potions, mostly found on vendors in PoK, next door down from the rogue poisons, by the fishing pool area. There are many class buffs as well.

First off you'll want to bind your character at a Soul Binder, the most common places are PoK and the Guild Lobby. Some caster classes can bind themselves in cities if they choose. When you die you will be sent back to your bind spot. The best place to bind is the guild lobby, in my opinion, buffs do not decay while in the guild lobby or hall. You can, but do not have to, run back to your corpse. There are corpse summoners in the lobby that will summon your corpse for a reagent, bought for plat, off a vendor near them. Just don't loot it before you rez it! You don't have to loot your items anymore, they return to bind with you. Once summoned you can ask for a rez in /ooc or simply have your cleric merc rez you, if you have one. Depending on the player's class, level or mercs level the xp amount returned will vary. You can get up to a 96% rez, 100% with AA rez.

You do lose XP when you die. Not a massive amount but if you can avoid losing it with a rez, you might as well. It is much easier getting a rez especially with mercs and even if your merc is a low lvl and you don't get a full rez it's not the end of the world, you'll make it back fairly easily. You can /corpse drag your corpse to another player to obtain a rez, within the same zone of course. You can also drag other players corpses if given consent (/consent name).

Where to level?
If you're returning you might want to check out the zones by level link and the hotzones. There are now hotzones, have been for some time you don't have to stick to these but it can be easier to find groups in some cases. Plus, they give a bonus to experience. Each hotzone has mobs that (and previous hotzones) drop a unique augment stone, which can be placed in armor (to place use a birdbath in the Baz, LDoN camp, guild hall/lobby or baz. Some you may want to skip, nothing wrong with that, it's all in choice where you go. You can find an updated list at ZAM. There are also quests for the hotzones for xp and a reward. You can find the quest giver, Franklin Teek, in the Plane of Knowledge outside the guild lobby, simply hail him to begin.

LDoN list.
Zones by level.
Monster Missions.
DoN progression (missions)

Potions that might help you as you level
-Cloudy Potions (Invis- PoK vendor)
-Skin Spikes (many levels of these but the most common is lvl 25 potions, shaman made)
-Levitate Potions
-SOW potions (player made and drops)
-HASTE potions (PoK Vendor)
-Poisons (Found in PoK and bought from other players)
-Health potions (Heals- found in PoK)

Where do I find armor? And Claim ITEMS
You'll want to check out your /claim items. Simply type in /claim and hit enter. You should have several items that you may want to claim on your characterful or several characters. Remember, some items can only be claimed once. These items consist of mounts, house items, clicky items, among other stuff. There are lots of them and you'll want to make sure you which you want on what character, if you have several. For instance, you wouldn't want to claim the Scepter of Draconic calling on a caster, it would be best saved for a melee character who doesn't have the gate ability.

In the Plane of Knowledge (PoK) are vendors that do have some quests for armor, you can find those easy enough near the soul binder. The best thing to get while leveling will be the defiant armor. This armor starts at level 10 and there is an alternate set every 10 levels all the way to level 70. It is crude, simple, rough, ornate, flawed, intricate and elaborate- DEFIANT armor. You can buy this rather cheap in the Bazaar from other players and even find it as drops in the game. There are also defiant weapons too, they come in the same brackets. There are vendors in PoK that sell other bits too, these can help as you level. There is also crafted armor, raid armor, named mobs drop things too, so keep an eye out for named and rares. The cash shop does sell defiant armor, if you're really wanting to go that route, and perhaps you have an armor bundle in the /claim items.

You can purchase a mercenary to help you along on your adventures. You can choose from cleric, warrior, wizard, and rogue. Everything you'd want to know can be found here. If you buy one at a low level, you'll pay less. Keep in mind anything under a gold subscription will only be able to use the lowest rank of mercenary. Also, you won't have to pay your mercenary until level 10 or so, if I recall correctly. If you put your merc on passive it will cycle through and finish the last charge but not charge you again until you set it active.

Mercs are a great addition to the game, you can also purchase extra slots in the station shop, in-game. There are quests but they require progression in certain areas later in game.

Cool Stuff &Fluff

Housing- Some guilds may have their own neighborhoods or you can purchase a lot and place a house on it in a random housing zone. To access housing it is off of the guild lobby.
Armor Dye- Brewers can learn this (Dulak's Harbor) or you can buy from other players.
We currently only have a player bater system in the bazaar. /Trader starts it in when standing in the stall area /baz searches it. Free to play can buy but cannot go into trader mode, only gold members can.
Pets- There are quests for pets, claim pets, LoN pets, class pets, some give buffs some don't and just look cute, like cash shop pets. You can put some of these in houses for decoration.
LoN- Check out the card game, subscribers get decks free with subscription (there are in-game rewards from loot cards such as mounts, pets and illusion items).
Players get Veteran Rewards.
EQ has a Loyalty Program, points add up for playing and can be redeemed from the Loyalty vendor in PoK.
Money no longer has weight!!
Each class in EverQuest has EPIC class weapon quests. These quests also grant a special title and the quests reward weapons with abilities designed specifically for the class. These are unique and very rewarding. Link at bottom of page for more information.

For now that is about it, off the top of my head for starting out or returning. Plus my brain hurts from all of this thinking. Hope I could offer some help to those who might need it. Feel free to look me up in game- Bunny and Ellamental (mostly on those two these days) or ask me a question here or in email. You can send cross server tells too!

Some helpful links to start out with, these links have a vast amount of info check them out:

EverQuest Free To Play Matrix http://www.everquest.com/free/
Official EQ F2P Info Page (A must read if you plan on playing F2P!) http://eqplayers.station.sony.com/news_ ... nth=032012
13th EQ Birthday Celebration Details! http://forums.station.sony.com/eq/posts ... _id=183997
EQ TNZ FAQ http://www.paullynch.org/tnzfaq/
Zam- Starting out. Zam is the best place for EQ information that you'll find. http://everquest.allakhazam.com/Newbie_Guide.html
EQ Official Forums http://forums.station.sony.com/eq/forum ... egory_id=9
ZAM- BOOK MARK IT! http://everquest.allakhazam.com/
EQ Traders Corner http://www.eqtraders.com/articles/news_ ... 0000000000
Magelo (EQplayers.com now has the same thing) http://www.magelo.com/en/
EQ Player Handbook http://eqplayers.station.sony.com/playe ... andbook.vm
10 Reasons Everquest is still great... make that 11- housing! http://www.ectmmo.com/2010/01/10-reason ... great.html
Alternate Advancement http://everquest.allakhazam.com/wiki/eq:AA
EQ Housing Info http://everquest.allakhazam.com/wiki/eq ... _EverQuest
Everquest expansions and features (also progression listed accordingly to expansion) http://everquest.allakhazam.com/wiki/eq:expansions
Class Epic Quests and Titles http://everquest.allakhazam.com/search.html?q=epic

If you can't find it ASK.
The EQ forums are alive, if you can't find someone to help with a question ask on the forums. http://forums.station.sony.com/eq/forums/list.m
Questions always get answered, the community is very helpful!
Hope to see you in-game!

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