Patch message - Dec 8, 2010

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Patch message - Dec 8, 2010

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*** Highlights ***

- Frostfell Is Here!: As the air starts to chill and the frost begins to cover the ground, the season of Frostfell begins. Several of your fellow Norrathians have made their way to the major cities and the Plane of Knowledge and are search of adventurers willing to help them with their holiday tasks. Frostfell will be celebrated throughout Norrath and beyond from December 8, 2010 through January 8, 2011. Various activities and events will be available at different intervals throughout the season, so make sure you join the fun early and before Frostfell goes away for another year.

- New Hot Zones: A new set of Hot Zones have been created. Hot Zones offer an increase in normal adventure experience for the zone and have the additional bonus of some new content associated with them. Visit the zones below for additional experience and items. Franklin Teek and Skal Nethus in the Plane of Knowledge will have new tasks for you as well.

- - The City of Guk
- - Solusek's Eye
- - The Crystal Caverns
- - Kaesora
- - The Ruins of Old Guk
- - The Howling Stones
- - The Crypt of Nadox
- - Ssraeshza Temple
- - Bastion of Thunder
- - Drunder, the Fortress of Zek
- - Vergalid Mines
- - Zhisza, the Shissar Sanctuary
- - Toskirakk
- - Kaesora Library.

*** Special Ruleset Server Changes ***

- The first round of changes for our special ruleset servers are complete - stay tuned for more to come:

Firiona Vie

- This server will have a permanent 50% experience bonus.
- We have removed the character slot limit - you are now allowed the same number of characters on this server as you are on standard servers.


- This server will have a permanent 50% experience bonus.

*** Items ***

- Fixed an issue where items added to the limbo buffer as a result of a canceled trade were having their contained items destroyed.
- Corrected errors in several item names.
- Quentin's Outfit has a more appropriate icon.
- Cosgrove Powder and Dream Dust are now flagged as all/all.
- Antheia Bloom Seed is now flagged as all/all.
- High Priest's Leggings, Soulmage's Leathers, Warden's Vest, Chestplate of the Manipulator, and Guardian's Greaves now have focus effects.
- Corrected the focus effect description on mage robes in House of Thule.
- Changed the name of Isabeaux' Ring of Dark Tidings to Isabeaux' Loop of Dark Tidings.
- Hardened Dragon's Tear, Chipped Shard of Appeasement, Shard of the Deep Blue Sea, and Venomous Shards of the Damned should now fit in bows as intended.
- Tier 1 caster armor for House of Thule had its AC lowered to bring it in line with the intended values.
- Cultural Charms in House of Thule should now have the appropriate sockets and grant stats for wearing cultural armor.
- House of Thule raid shields now have type 3 augmentation slots.
- The majority of mounts and familiars are now placeable as house pets.
- Most belts from House of Thule will now increase potion slots.
- Enigmatic Gloves of the Sorcerer now have the proper cold damage focus.
- Some House of Thule Soloist seals have had their focus effects properly updated to level 90.
- The Perfected Augmentation Distiller should now be available to all classes when using the "Show only items I can use" filter while browsing Alerynril the Loyal's wares.
- The Nighttime Nostrum drink now has an effect associated with consuming it.
- Corrected the damage bonuses on the Death and Decay Nimbus and the Path of Fire Nimbus.
- Abstruse Stealthinfused Leggings and Enigmatic Leggings of the Swift will now properly summon Consigned Bite of the Shissar XV.
- Removed the deprecated tradeskill flag from Desiccated Dust.
- Added the tradeskill flag to Goblin Parts. Many parts are useful.
- Ferocity VIII and IX have had an additional triple attack chance added to their normal effects.
- Items with limited charges that summon pets will no longer use a charge if you have a pet when you attempt to use the item.
- Added a cap of level 86 to some Underfoot mana proc augments that were missed earlier.

*** Tradeskills ***

- The Unexpanded Tailored Legendary Backpack is now a large size item instead of giant.
- Spell Research: Added in the ability for players to craft Charta Arcanum Solutions.
- Tradeskill trophies can now be placed in real estates as tribute-trophies. They will grant you the option of activating a tribute effect equal to the power of the placed trophy.

*** Quests & Events ***

- Fixed a bug where players were only receiving experience and not the full task reward if they leveled up when they claimed their reward.
- Corrected text errors in several House of Thule quests.
- Noble Sivrn in Atiiki will be more honest in his approval of your ability to speak the names of the mighty Sphinxes.
- Corrected the entry requirements on the missions Catastrophic Power, Redemption, and Miragul's Vendetta to check for No Freedom in Death instead of What Lies Below.
- Skeletons will no longer ambush you on the quest The Fallen Citadel. The update for finding Translocator Enila will trigger more easily.
- Khalis' guards are now normal spawns with a quick respawn time. To speak to Khalis you must first dispose of his guards.
- The chest in The Gardener mission can now be looted immediately after opening.
- Garden bandits, outlaws, and hooligans will no longer stay around forever after spawning. They will now ambush the players they were intended to ambush during the Dissolution of Reason quest.
- Playful Alyss should no longer despawn without updating the Hippity Hoppity Kill mission.
- Alyss, an unknown entity, and Piper Nasscul should no longer assist other NPCs in the Hippity Hoppity Kill mission.
- Players should now correctly receive a quest update even if they all die after Matilda dies in the Stuff of Dreams mission.

- Terror in the Dark - Raiders may find the denizens are a bit more aggressive than in the past.
- The Force of Eternity - Fixed an issue with the reset mechanism not triggering properly when fighting the split Miragul.
- The Force of Eternity - Corrected an issue causing one of the raid auras to fail to respawn when the raid reset.
- The Force of Eternity - It is no longer possible to transport into the heart of the Phylactery during an event reset. You will have to defeat the events to move on.
- Guardian of the House - Fogweaver should no longer aggro through a door during the fight with Spineslicer.
- Implemented the correct progression requirements for the raids in Morell’s Castle and Sanctum Somnium. Note that the Cloudgate Key is no longer needed and will no longer drop.
- Raid-specific auras in the Torches of Truth, Ritual of Terror, and Cazic's Final Stand events will now be visible to players who have auras turned off otherwise.

*** Spells ***

- Fixed an issue with DoT stacking that would cause the second DoT to have the incorrect duration.
- Cone spells with hit limits will no longer count invalid targets towards that limit.
- Corrected grammar errors in several House of Thule spells.
- Corrected a typo in the reward description for Shaman spells in the Median Nebulous Dream Fragments quest.
- The Sympathetic Alleviation spell line now has a maximum level of 86.
- By request, Respite will now tick down in zones with frozen spell timers.
- Bard - Moved Lyrin's Spiteful Lyric to the Short Duration Buff Box.
- Necromancer - Moved Cascading Deathshield to the Pet-Block memorization category.
- Necromancer - Moved Call Skeleton Swarm and Call Skeleton Crush to the Pet-Sum: Swarm memorization category.
- Necromancer - Corrected the recourse of Dunkelnacht Orb so that it will create the correct item.
- Paladin - Remorse for the Fallen will now focus two heals as described.
- Ranger - Added Spell: Summer's Storm to Gonop's list of wares.
- Shaman - Moved Undaleen's Venom to the Damage Over Time-Poison memorization category.
- Warrior - Flash of Anger's mechanics have been changed. It now a 1-tick self buff rather than a 1-tick discipline.
- Fixed and issue with timers on stuns and PvP combat.

*** NPC ***

- Odium in Fear Itself should no longer drop players out of combat.
- Braelin Arden in Morell's Castle can no longer attack or be attacked.

*** AA ***

- Paladin/Shadowknight/Ranger - Mastery of the Past should now properly affect fizzles up to and including the level indicated in the AA.
- Warrior - Warlord's Tenacity Rk 15 should no longer overwrite Clerics' Reliance buff.

*** Achievements ***

- The Challenge of Toughness achievement in the Morell Ascendant mission can now be completed.
- The Challenge of Toughness achievement in The Gardener mission will correctly fail if players have died.
- The 1H Blunt skill should now be visible in the Weapon Proficiency Level 90 achievement for all classes who can use it.
- The Fast Talker achievement should update more reliably now.
- You can now get the Arachnophobia achievement when you kill more than 5 spiders. Overachiever.
- For consistency, many of the Underfoot achievement names and icons were changed to match those in House of Thule.
- Corrected many minor spelling errors in Achievements.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- Fixed issue where too much text sent to a minimized chat window would cause a client crash.
- Fixed a problem where textures would become temporarily corrupted after logging out to server select, then logging back into the game.
- Fixed an issue where the targeting ring would occasionally turn into a gray disc.
- The /outputfile command will now properly list the information stored in the 9th and 10th inventory slots.
- The inspect window will now show the final stage of evolving items when clicking on an item link.
- Tribute effects are now factored in when determining the item skill mod for a player's skill.
- Fixed a couple of small memory leaks and one large memory leak that occurs while zoning.
- Fixed some issues regarding character transfers.
- Trees should now allow you to place them with their branches overhanging the edge of a plot as long as the trunk is within the plot boundary. They should also default to placing with the roots below ground. Note that the aged grand elm does not do this. This is an art bug that should be addressed soon.
- Modified world containers so that only empty containers can be added to them (world containers now function like containers in the inventory in this regard).
- Fixed bug with placeable npc items that were equippable in the primary, secondary, or ranged slot having odd rotations while being placed.
- Fixed an issue causing some NPCs with many loot items to not have their full inventory available when killed.
- Legendary Illusionist Bindral Argaff in the library of New Tanaan is looking for enchanters who may have an excess of illusionary items to help him search for a cure to his curse (Enchanters can now obtain spell versions for many illusion item effects they possess).
- Restored several doors in Howling Stones that had been moved inadvertently.
- The moving crates should now be returned to the merchant house in the Neighborhood zone.
- Alerynril has stocked a few Frostfell items.
- Fixed several container bugs that resulted in items in containers disappearing.
- Implemented some server optimizations to help address lag issues (not a complete fix).
- Updated to the latest voice chat SDK which fixes some voice chat issues that were occurring.
- When /assist is on, it will auto attack the group's main assist when using /assist group.
- Improved the zoning code when you first log in.

*** UI ***

- Fixed a bug where only a max of 80 items were showing for buyers in the bazaar.
- Fixed a bug where if the Set Price was pressed for a bazaar item, but the item was not changed, previously the item would appear as not for sale anymore and the "Unable to add item to bazaar list" error would appear.
- Custom UIs will now be able to use Label EQTypes 570 through 579 to display the buff name for blocked buffs.
- The guild bank list will no longer spring to the top when other people add/remove items.
- The Extended Target Window will now stay off upon zoning or logging.
- Pressing "Escape" to clear the target window will no longer also close the Bandolier window.
- Corrected a bug that was showing the title screen in some cases when zoning when the loading screen option was turned off. It should now only appear when logging in.

- Changed -

*** Previously Updated ***

- Fixed issue where housing item trees were appearing as black boxes.
- Ritual of Terror - Fixed an issue that could cause the raid to reset if players don't engage the mini bosses fast enough.
- Ritual of Terror - The runes looted from the raid will no longer be deleted from players zoning in once they can be legitimately looted in the event.
- The Librarian's Nightmare - Fixed an issue that was causing the Librarian's book adds to spawn repeatedly.
- Creatures in the Hippity Hoppity Kill mission will no longer summon at 100% health.
- Creepy Alyss should no longer despawn if she's left idle too long.
- Zonoraz in The Grounds will no longer heal herself or wipe her hatelist if you damage her too quickly.
- Kyluc in the Feerrott has added Spell: Protection of the Vale to her list of wares.
- Some of the inhabitants of Morell's Castle and Sanctum Somnium have become more resistant to slows.
- Added key drops to the Fear Itself raid that will be needed for further raid access in the House of Thule expansion.

- The EverQuest Team


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