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Patch Notes 2-10-10

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*** Highlights ***

- New items may be discovered in Foundation, Underquarry, and Arthicrex.
- Three treasurer NPCs have arrived at the library in plane of knowledge to help players store their cultural patterns. Please pay careful attention to the instructions that they give you.
- Many Underfoot events have been changed. See the events section for details.
- Many spells and abilities have been changed. See the spells section for details.

*** Items ***

- Added endurance to the Underfoot evolving weapons that were missing it and removed endurance from those weapons that did not need it.
- Added endurance to the Ring of Genari Agitation, Ring of Genari Provocation, Belt of the Unknown Soldier, and Belt of the Hiveslayer.
- Any existing Plush Bears that players have will be changed into Gift: Haiti Relief Plush Bear. If the player wishes to keep the bear for themselves, they simply need to open the gift themselves. If they wish to give it to another, the unopened gift can be traded to that person.
- Moved some zonewide drops from Pellucid Grotto to Foundation where they were intended to be.
- New items may be discovered in Foundation, Underquarry, and Arthicrex.

*** Tradeskills ***

- Three treasurer NPCs have arrived at the library in plane of knowledge to help players store their cultural patterns. Please pay careful attention to the instructions that they give you.
- Appropriate NPCs in the underfoot will now drop the rare tradeskill components. Not all golems are properly set yet. This will be fixed in a future patch.

*** Quests & Events ***

- Players in possession of a Dragon Brood Crypt Key will now receive the proper rewards upon opening the chest at the end of the mission.
- The Icy Shard of Brath in the Wrath of Brath event should now properly be affected by spells landing upon it.
- Brath's regenerative abilities now weaken him greatly. Be warned, when his regenerative powers end, he WILL be angry.
- Brath's shards have become slightly more dangerous.
- Targamin Blockstacker will no longer accept agranite from previous failed attempts at the Wrath of Brath events.
- Old agranite will now crumble to dust when you enter the Wrath of Brath instance.
- The knockback portions of most spells in the Wrath of Brath event have been removed.
- The Wrath of Brath spell will now correctly pull you towards the caster instead of pushing you away.
- The number of Masked Invaders facing players over the course of their event has been reduced.
- The captives in the Seeds for the Waterstalkers quest will now reset after ten minutes if they are not successfully rescued.

*** Spells ***

- Removed the reagent requirement from all ranks of Vigorous Axe Throw.
- Holy Intervention should now be focused by appropriate healing foci.
- Holy Contravention is now an evocation spell.
- Modified the spell particles and icons of Holy Intervention, Holy Contravention, and Erud's Retort to better represent their functionality.
- Corrected an issue where ranks II and III of Blast of Hypergrowth did not cast the correct upgraded spell.
- Modified the Field Armorer ability:
- - Now hits everyone in the group regardless of their class
- - Removed hit limit
- - Duration changed to 24 seconds
- - Recast changed to match duration of 24 seconds
- - Endurance cost changed to 600/700/800
- - Field Armorer should no longer land on pets.
- Removed the stamina and strikethrough bonuses from Bracing Defense.
- Monster summoning spells should no longer summon base elemental models.
- Fixed a bug that caused Leech touch and similar spells to sometimes nuke the caster for large amounts of damage.
- Fixed a bug with free targeted spells that caused them to fail if you had anything targeted.
- Infusion of Thunder will now stack with Champion. It will no longer stack with Intensity of the Resolute or Glyph of Courage.
- Infusion of Thunder will no longer conflict with Scaledfist Discipline or Heel of Kanji.
- Zan Fi's Whistle will no longer be overwritten by Drunken Monkey Style or Shared bloodlust.
- Drunken Monkey Style will now go to the song window instead of the discipline slot.
- Haergen's Feralgia can now be memorized via context menus.
- Splash of Runedust can now be memorized via context menus.
- Hypnotic Stare can now be memorized via context menus.
- Protective Confession Rk. III can now be cast in combat like the other two ranks.
- All ranks of Assault can now be used while in combat.
- Items summoned from the Cauldron of Many Things or Cauldron of Endless Goods will no longer expire when their owner does.
- Necrotize Ally now has a 12 second recast.
- Necrotize Ally will now correctly nuke and stun the caster's pet when triggered.

*** NPC ***

- Lowered the physical resist of Underfoot NPCs that had been set too high previously. This was most common in Kernagir, Pellucid Grotto, and Brell's Temple, but affected many other NPCs as well.
- Added depop mechanisms to adds for rares in Arthicrex and Lichen Creep.
- Corrected NPCs that were giving negative Beta Neutral faction hits.
- Removed some superfluous Gs from the names of two NPCs in Kernagir. The Gs have been sent to a farm where they can play all day long.
- The Squires in Crystallos should no longer constantly use their Savage Slash ability.
- Lowered the AE radius of Taskmaster Jialli's Beguiling Gaze ability.

*** AA ***

- Bard - the Flurry AA has had its minimum level increased to 76 to match the prerequisite ability Burst of Power.
- Monk - Corrected the description for Hastened Purification of the Body.
- Shadowknight - the reuse timer on Hate's Attraction has been reduced to 2 minutes.
- Shaman - Inconspicuous Totem should no longer conflict with Pact of the Wolf.

*** Achievements ***

- Players will now get a message when they cause the Burn the Heretics achievement to fail.
- Fixed an issue that was causing the quest Exterminating Deagus' Pests to not register for achievement purposes.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- Fixed a bug that caused NPCs to continue to attack mercenaries that were invulnerable.
- Mercenaries should no longer eat your Gift of Amazing Exquisite Radiant Mana.

*** UI ***

- Fixed a crash bug that occurred with certain custom UIs that modify the display of inventory slots in bags.
- Fixed a bug that could leave pets in the extended target window when their owners got charmed.

- Changed -
- EQUI_AchievementsWnd.xml
- EQUI_AchievementWnd.xml

*** Previously Updated ***

- Fixed an issue causing newly-created items (like the plush bear) to disappear in some zones on Povar and Erollisi Marr.

- The EverQuest Team
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