Everquest 10th Anniversary

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Everquest 10th Anniversary

Post by Zahasha » Mon Mar 16, 2009 6:05 pm

Check out the new EverQuest 10th Anniversary site to read up on the history of EverQuest, find out about 10th anniversary events, see where you stand on the Anniversary Raid Leaderboards, and register for Fan Faire!

EQ 10th Anniversary Events

Party all the time! In celebration of the anniversary, we are proud to bring you fresh content for the next few months! Solo, group or raid, there's content for everyone to enjoy! Earn great quest rewards and show off your raiding skills on the Anniversary Leaderboards.

Everquest 10th Anniversary

Log in now to receive your piece of cake and see what other fun events are planned.

Anniversary Events
(Check out the 10th Anniversary Events page for more details on each event.)
03.16.09 – I.R.A. 1 launch
03.16.09 – The God Connection event
03.16.09 – PoP Group Fabled events launch
03.16.09 – It's a party! Dance along to the EQ Anniversary video here.
03.16.09 – Pick up a copy of Beckett Massive Online Gamer with EQ on the cover
with a special anniversary article inside!
03.16.09 – It’s "Sony Online Entertainment Day" throughout the City of San Diego!
03.16.09 – Check out a sneak preview of the EverQuest documentary on
The Jace Hall Show!
03.17.09 – Live chat with the people who bring EQ to you every day.
03.18.09 – Find out what kind of server you've chosen for the anniversary!
03.23.09 – Sand Golem launch (I.R.A. ends)
03.30.09 – I.R.A. 2 launch (Sand Golem ends)

*Stay tuned for more events throughout April and May!
The party continues at Fan Faire! Keep on the lookout for registration! Fan Faire takes place June 25-28, 2009 in Las Vegas.
Celebrate the Anniversary with Legends of Norrath™!
Everquest 10th Anniversary Starting Monday, March 16, 2009, log in to LoN to check out the Anniversary Celebration Event! There will be five daily events that honor the first five Legends of Norrath™ releases:

Monday, March 16 is Oathbound Day
Tuesday, March 17 is Forsworn Day
Wednesday, March 18 is Inquisitor Day
Thursday, March 19 is Oathbreaker Day
Friday, March 20 is Ethernauts Day

On each day, purchase a special Celebration Pack of 10 non-tradable boosters from that day's featured LoN release for just $10.00 USD (plus applicable taxes)!

Log in to LoN through EQ’s 10th Anniversary Week!
On each day of the anniversary week, one of two loot cards (one for EverQuest players and one for EverQuest II players, depending upon your preference) from that day's release will be given out free to all EQ and EQII players who log in to LoN.

*Limit one card per account, cards are rewarded upon log in to LoN, you will receive the appropriate card based on your LoN preference settings.
Check Out EverQuest Everywhere!

Everquest 10th Anniversary City Honors SOE with Official "Day" in San Diego
On Tuesday, March 10, San Diego City Council issued a proclamation that officiates March 16 as "Sony Online Entertainment Day" throughout the City of San Diego. Presented by Councilmember Carl DeMaio, this proclamation recognizes SOE's economic and philanthropic contribution to San Diego and is the first official day named for a local video game company.

Everquest 10th Anniversary

Everquest 10th Anniversary Beckett Massive Online Gamer Magazine Covers a Decade of EQ
In celebration of EQ’s epic milestone, Beckett Massive Online Gamer (MOG), Issue 18, on sale now, features commemorative cover art by famed fantasy artist Donato Giancola and includes a unique in-game item for EQ and EQII subscribers! The items include an EverQuest Aqua Goblin Familiar and an EverQuest II Nagafen at Rest golden dragon statue. Gamers can also read all about the EverQuest legacy in a special tribute that includes interviews with three top EQ designers, plus helpful class and dungeon guides for EQII.

Everquest 10th Anniversary

Everquest 10th Anniversary EverQuest Documentary & The Jace Hall Show
SOE, in association with HD Films (producers of Crackle’s hit web series The Jace Hall Show) is currently in production of a feature length HD documentary film that takes the viewer on an interview-based adventure focused on the history, launch and legacy of EverQuest. From what inspired creators, to fun facts and stories, this film takes a nostalgic look back at the game that positioned SOE as the worldwide leader in the online interactive entertainment industry. For a sneak peak, don’t forget to catch the premier episode of The Jace Hall Show Season 2, March 16 on Crackle and look forward to a screening at the 2009 Fan Faire in Las Vegas!

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