Seeds of Destruction ~ Zone Sneak Preview Event Oct 7 - 13

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Seeds of Destruction ~ Zone Sneak Preview Event Oct 7 - 13

Post by Zahasha » Wed Oct 08, 2008 2:22 pm

Seeds of Destruction ~ Zone Sneak Preview Event
October 7th through October 13th

All active EverQuest subscribers with accounts in good standing will be able to experience all new EverQuest Seeds of Destruction zones two week before commercial release!

During this special event players can participate in quest lines and group encounters as they assist Antonius Bayle and preserve the future of Qeynos!

Zones include the eerie devastation of the Void, the lush wilderness of Oceangreen and the perilous Temple of Bertoxxulous.

Beginning October 7, 2008 seek out the herald of Druzzil Ro in the Plane of Knowledge to be transported to a time rift that leads to the preview content! This preview will end on October 13th.

The Void
Because of Discord's interference in the timelines of Norrath the world has been destroyed completely. The only objects left are the drifting asteroid shards called The Void. Sparking time portals in The Void drift in the ether and lead to the various rifts in time: the Plane of Time, Bloody Kithicor, the Field of Scale, Oceangreen Hills, the Bloodfields, the Invasion of the Plane of Earth, and realm of Discord. The only living creature in The Void is the god Zebuxoruk; torn from the flow of time by the combined might of the elder gods of Norrath.

Oceangreen Hills
Oceangreen was made up primarily of lush green grassland and gently rolling hills. To the north, the Jaggedpine forest hampered travel towards the barbarian Northlands. To the east, a set of very high and steep hills cut off all access except for a tunnel that led to Blackburrow, home of the gnolls, and a narrow valley that led off to the great plains which are now known as the Plains of Karana. On the western borders of Oceangreen, several sets of steep hills existed in the northern region and an ocean bay in the southwest. The region was also the home to several different clans of Gnolls. However, only the largest of these clans, the Sabertooth clan, was violent towards human settlers.

Oceangreen Village
The village is currently under attack by a force of Bertoxxulous worshippers and hordes of undead that spread disease and decay, infecting all life in the area. Luckily for the villagers a force of heroes has risen up to help defend the village. These heroes are lead by a charismatic man named Antonius Bayle.

Temple of Bertoxxulous The worshippers of Bertoxxulous have lived here secretly for decades, but have only recently become emboldened enough to spread their influence to the surface. Their once troublesome interferences have festered into a full blown plague that now threatens all of Tunaria. They must be stopped if the future of humanity is to remain intact.

"It is good to have an end to journey towards:
but it is the journey that matters in the end." ~Ursula K Le Guin
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