Pre-Order for EverQuest Seeds of Destruction Now Available!

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Pre-Order for EverQuest Seeds of Destruction Now Available!

Post by Zahasha » Thu Sep 25, 2008 1:32 pm

Act now to prevent the cataclysm and save Norrath from the forces of Discord! Pre-order and purchase ensures players have access to all the content and bonus items in the EverQuest Seeds of Destruction All-In-One pack, including:

* The pre-order exclusive Qeynos Shield of Foundation, as well as other amazing promotional items from past expansions.
* 20 new zones, including the eerie wasteland of the Void, the battle of Bloody Kithicor and the sinister heart of the Plane of Discord!
* The all-new Mercenary NPCs. Need some extra muscle or a healer archetype for PvE support? Hire a Mercenary for your party and crush the opposition!
* New level cap at 85! New spells, AAs and items await!
* The EverQuest Seeds of Destruction All-In-One pack contains all features and content from the 14 previous expansion packs.
* Legends of Norrath™ digital card game client, including a starter deck, booster pack and a “Familiar of the Hooded Scrykin” loot card!


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