Charter Amendment: Membership Policy (4/14/2006)

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Charter Amendment: Membership Policy (4/14/2006)

Post by Zahasha » Fri Mar 28, 2008 10:13 pm

Membership Policy (and Process)

1. Prospective membership. A current member of "Walkers" may sponsor a prospective member with the following conditions:

a. The sponsoring guild member (herein referred to as "Sponsor") must know the prospective member well enough to vouch for the character of the player as someone who would fit well into the guild and be a credit to its name. While this timeframe is subjective, it is expected to be of a reasonable length of association.

b. The Sponsor will post on the Membership forum in the designated format a voting thread for the prospective member and will list himself or herself as the first Nomination, as well as update said post as voting progresses. All Alternate Characters must be listed with the Main Character of the prospective member for consideration, unless otherwise noted by the Sponsor.

c. The Sponsor will assume the responsibility of instructing the prospective member on guild policy and raid procedures as outlined in the Guild Charter and the Membership forum.

d. Any member of Walkers may sponsor up to 4 prospective members at any given time.

2. Provisional membership. A total Three (3) Nominations (including the Sponsor) are required before the prospective member can be invited to the guild provisionally.

a. Two (2) additional nominations are made by guild members who have known the prospective applicant long enough to vouch for the character of the player. These nominations are of equal weight as the Sponsor's, and those making them will share responsibility with the Sponsor in assisting the prospective member throughout his or her membership process as described in 1.c.

b. Provisional membership can be granted to a prospective member based on nominations via in-game guild chat. However, such a move requires that the Sponsor follow up with a membership voting post on the forum the same day.

c. Provisional members have provisional loot rights to guild events, and cannot take part in guild policy, vote, or sponsor other prospective members.

d. Provisional members will be granted access to specific private forum areas: Private, Raids, Progress, Trading Post, and all Knowledge Base sections.

e. An open provisional member voting thread on the Membership forum that hasn't been updated in One (1) month by either the Sponsor, or one of the guild members who nominated the provisional member, will be considered withdrawn. The provisional member should be notified of the guild's decision and removed from the guild.

3. Full membership. A grand total of Ten (10) votes consisting of Three (3) nominations (including the Sponsor) and Seven (7) additional “Aye” votes are necessary for a provisional member to enter a Seven (7)-day final blackball period. The Seven (7)-day final blackball period will begin once the last “Aye” vote has been cast.

b. All nominations and “Aye” votes cast by guild members should have interacted with the prospective/provisional member sufficiently to make an informed decision on endorsing the individual as a good fit with the current "Walkers" membership.

c. Once the final blackball period has elapsed, the provisional member becomes a full member of Walkers.

4. The blackball. A blackball may be thrown by any guild member at any time during the membership process halting any prospective/provisional member from proceeding as a member.

a. A blackball can be thrown in guild chat. If this is done before a prospective member becomes a provisional member, then a record of the blackball must still be posted to the forum.

b. If a blackball is thrown for a provisional member, the provisional member must be informed by guild leadership about the decision and removed from Walkers within One (1) day.

c. If a blackball is thrown for a provisional member in their final blackball period, they must be informed by guild leadership about the decision and removed from Walkers before the final blackball period elapses.

d. A record of all blackballs should be kept for a minimum of Six (6) weeks on the forum.

5. Blackball duration. Any member who is blackballed or otherwise not accepted for full membership cannot be considered for membership again for six weeks. At the end of this period, they can be considered like any non-member can be, subject to all other rules.

6. Deguilding. Those who remove a character or characters from the guild and either join or seek to join another guild with those characters will be regarded as having left the Walkers. All of their alts will be deguilded, and cannot be readmitted for six weeks. After six weeks, they may seek to reapply with any or all of their characters, and be treated as any new applicant normally is.

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